Understanding Travelmyth's Hotel Rankings

At Travelmyth, our primary goal is to ensure you find your perfect stay, your way. Our ranking system is designed to provide you with the most relevant and competitive hotel options tailored to your unique preferences. Below is an explanation of how we determine the order of accommodations in our search results:

Relevance and Competition:

Commissions and Compensations:

Travelmyth operates by partnering with various hotels and booking platforms. The commissions or compensations we receive when a booking is completed through our platform can influence a property's ranking, especially when properties offer similar deals. The commission we receive is in recognition of our role in listing the property, facilitating your booking, and ensuring you have a delightful stay.

Personalized Sorting Options:

You have the freedom to sort the results based on your preferences. Whether you prioritize price, star rating or any other feature, our system will present the results considering the factors mentioned above. Filters allow you to further narrow down your choices based on specific features or amenities, ensuring you find a stay that aligns with your desires.

Continuous Refinement:

At Travelmyth, we believe in continuous improvement. We regularly update our systems and experiment with new methodologies to refine your search results, ensuring they remain as relevant as possible.

Transparency and Trust:

We understand the importance of trust. That's why we maintain transparency about our ranking process. While commissions play a role, our primary focus remains on providing you with the best, most relevant options for your travel needs.

In conclusion, Travelmyth's ranking system is a blend of technology, partnerships and user preferences. Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive, relevant, and competitive hotel options, ensuring you find your ideal stay with ease and confidence. Always remember, at Travelmyth, you're not just another traveler; you're a unique individual with distinct preferences, and we're here to cater to them.









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